Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transdenominational Church

This post is something that I have been thinking about for a while. When I became a Christian back in 2002, it was the cool thing to do. Today it isn't the "cool" thing to do. At a time where Christianity is being attacked, we as Christians are attacking ourselves as well. Look at the fights between denominations. We fight for numbers within the city at the cost of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We care more and more about church numbers, and less about how we can partner with other churches in town. In Ogden, KS we have the Methodist Church, Bible Church, Korean Church, Baptist Church, and the Catholic Church. Within those churches, the Bible and Baptist church used to be one and the same before there was a split. The church is like politics, We campaign to bring more and more people to our building, and not the other churches. "You come to our church and we will feed you pancakes, and give you a free Bible." It should not be that way. We should be a Transdenominational community. Our founding fathers believed in this. They had different traditional beliefs, but their core value was the same. Likewise, we should be teaming up, and growing the Body of Christ. There are things some people can provide, that others may not me able to. If one church has a passion for youth, let them take the lead on the youth ministry, but partner with them. If another church in your community is Military oriented, let that church take the lead, but support them. One church may have a need to help the poor in the community. Give them support. We all share the Basic Ideas. Christ is King. He died for our sins, and without him we would be headed to hell. We are not Lutheran, Methodist, or Baptist. We are Christians, and we need to strengthen the Body of Christ. If we can do this, in a time where being a Christian is not the thing to do, if we can put aside our traditional differences, We will strengthen the body, and we will win people to Christ.