Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In June of 1909 William Taft proposed a 2 percent Federal tax, and in July of 1909 congress passed this amendment. However it was not until 1913 that enough states signed on to ratify the amendment. Also in 1913 Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States. In his first term he passed major legislation, including the Federal Reserve act, and many other progressive type of legislations. Woodrow Wilson was also one who helped with the idea of the League of Nations, which was ultimately rejected, but was later revived as the United Nations. A while after Wilson the nation was struck by the Great Depression. The nation voted Franklin D. Roosevelt into office. FDR enacted many legislative ideas through executive order. Many of these ideas were instrumental in the forming of the New Deal. At first they appeared to work, but soon the roles reversed and the country headed towards a recession. However, with World War 2, the Draft, and manufacturing, the US came out of the Great Depression stronger than ever. The problem though was FDR had too much power, and soon after his death Congress passed Term Limits for the President of the US. Fast Forward to 2001. The US is attacked by a Terrorist Group. President Bush openly declares war on the group, and the US goes to Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden. However, because of the terrorist attack things begin to change. Security is a lot tighter in the Airports. People are no longer allowed to walk family to the Terminals. Pat-downs become more regular, and people allow it to happen all in the name of security. Also in the name of security, wire-taps. The government is now allowed to listen in on conversations to any American they suspect could be a terrorist. Though Bush claims to be a conservative, Federal powers start to rise. Then, in 2008 a recession hits America. Bush, with the help of Congress passes TARP, and starts bailing out the Banks and Auto industry. All of this is in the name of, "Too big to fail." With this all fresh on voters minds, as well as 2 unpopular wars, voters want change, and vote in Barack Obama. Not only does Obama continue the TARP program, he then passes the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This act brought more money to the States, and was used in the name of "Creating Jobs." However, unemployment continued to rise. After the ARRA, The President worked on reforming Healthcare. While Promising not to raise taxes on people who make under $200,000, in the bill there was a Mandate that all Americans must have Health Insurance by 2014. If they did not, there would be a penalty. After months of debate, the Law passed Congress with little to no support from the GOP. Soon after the Bill was signed into law States sued the Government claiming the mandate was unconstitutional, and that the Law should be struck down. After years of debate, the lawsuit reached the Supreme Court, and this past week the Law was upheld 5-4. There have been many other items since 1909 that have caused the Federal Level to gain more power, and many of these items have gone through Executive order by the President of the United States.

Today, America no longer has its Freedom. Through huge spending, we are slaves to Debt. With the United Nations, America is subject to World law. At the same time the Federal Government is taking away the rights of the People. This is not a Left or a Right issue. This is not an attack on the President. And it is not a call to arms. This is a plea to do some studying. Every major power that grasped for more power ultimately crumbled under that power. America will be no different. One way or another America as we know it will fall. The question is, Are you going to follow the government blindly as fall with it, or are you going to prepare for it, and be ready for when it does happen. Because if you are ready, you can save yourself a lot of heartache. There will still be pain, and there will still be suffering, but knowledge will soften the hurt. I ask that you research history, understand the past. Build your house on the rock, and not on the sand. Live your life prepared.