Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Real Problem

I read a post the other day concerning politicians and the issues we face today. America is falling short of what it is capable of, and everyone has someone else to blame. Is it really the politicians fault? I am beginning to think that it isn't. Don't get me wrong, they share much of the blame for what America is going through, but they are doing what the American public have voted for them to do. The status quo. The post I mentioned before said this, "I'm not unhappy with my representatives; I'm unhappy with those I didn't get to vote for." That is the issue at hand. Congress has a 17% approval rating, but most of those in congress get re-elected. The message sent to the congressmen is keep on doing what you are doing. That is exactly what is happening. This is not a republican or a democrat issue, as I believe they are one in the same. This is an American problem, and if people will not educate themselves the problem will continue to grow.