Thursday, November 11, 2010

What is coming?

‎"Most of you have no idea what to do, or whats coming. Some of you do. This isn’t a fight about land, about this town. This is a fight for our very existence."- Johnston Green (Jericho, Coalition of the Willing)

“Are things in our country so bad that it might actually be time for revolution?” Dylan Radigan asked on his MSNBC show. His answer: “The answer is obviously ‘yes.’ The only question is, ‘how to do it?’” He goes on to say “To clear our dire problems may require even more drastic solutions,” he said. While introducing his cartoonist guest, Ratigan says those solutions might include “violence or at least the threat thereof” Now many on the left claimed it was Glenn Beck calling for a violent revolution, even though he said the exact opposite. Now a progressive, after conservatives win the house says, we need to have a revolution with "violence or at least the threat thereof." Where is the public outcry? Why are people not pointing out the hypocrisy? I am at the point where I believe a civil war is going to come. It will be American vs. American. Will it happen within a couple years? I have no idea. But looking at the political ads the left and right are becoming more polarized. The attacks are getting dirtier, and people are becoming more divided. And, if you believe that 2012 will be nicer, you have another thing coming. It will be nastier, and even more dividing. Friendships could become strained. If the left and the right both believe in some sort of revolution it will happen. How it happens depends on you.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been without work now for over 3 months. It is easy for me to know how long, because I have been without work since my son was born. You wont see me cry about it though, because I believe that God has a plan for me. I won't sit around and do nothing, I don't expect a handout. I like to earn what I get. I may not be employed, but my faith in God keeps me strong. I know I need to spread the Gospel of Christ. One way of doing that is through travel. My wife and I do craft fairs quite often, and one way we share our faith is how we are with other people. We currently sell Jewelry and Baby stuff such as Pacifier clips, burp rags, and nursing covers, but that only reaches to a certain demographic. That is one reason why I decided to get into the action by making and selling Dog treats. My goal is to not only make good treat for dogs, but to Spread the Gospel on how we conduct ourselves on a weekly basis. I don't see this period of unemployment as an awful time, but to find out new ways to share my faith. If that means selling dog treats across the midwest, then so be it. I just pray that God uses me where he needs me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are tea Party politicians really tea party people?

The Elections have come and gone for many states, which is welcome by both the left and the right. This years attacks were some of the worse I have seen. It looks as if the victors were the Republicans and the Tea Party. However, that got me to thinking. Are the Tea Party politicians really a part of the Tea Party? Every Tea Party politician is a Republican, and many of them had republican affiliation before the Tea Party existed. However the make-up of the Tea Party is mixed between all parties, who are fed up with the current climate in Washington. The most famous Tea Party politician is Sarah Palin, and she has endorsed many of the Tea Party candidates during the election period. Now I bring this up because I had a conversation with a friend of mine. Something does not seem right. Over the past year I have seen what seems to be a take over of the Tea Party by the Republican Party. Many people say it is the reverse, but I disagree. If you look many of those who ran were already republican politicians, but they added the Tea Party symbol to that. I want to stress that all people who consider themselves part of the Tea Party to look closely at the candidates who won. Keep their feet to the fire, and make sure they are not hijacking your movement. Yes the Republicans ideology may line up better, and they may have accepted the Tea Party as legitimate, but that does not mean they can take over. So again look closely at the candidates who won. Do they really match up with the Tea Party ideology, or are they just Hijacking a very popular movement?