Monday, October 10, 2011


I don't blog much anymore, most of the time because life gets into the way. But as Occupy Wall Street Continues, and the Tea Party Continues I thought I would share my thoughts on the situation. Iran has called the OWS the "American Spring" liking it to the protests in many middle eastern countries. The problem with those is that they got violent. My prayer is that they don't, however, the country is more polarized today than at anytime I can remember. The government cannot make decisions to save their lives, and now it is at the point where we have to wonder. Is the United States going to collapse? Truth is, it might. Class warfare is mounting. There is a war brewing within the religious realm too. Atheists are suing left and right. I read a comment on an article the other day that talked about a small town trying to keep a cross (That was put up by private citizens with no city money) on their water tower. The comment read that only the Christians complain when the atheists fight for "religious freedom." Atheists have a belief system, and they are trying to force it through the courts. With all of the fighting that is going on, America could fall. However I was reminded last night that God is in control. He raises nations, and destroys them. Not because he finds joy in it, because the wicked must be judged, and this country might be soon face that judgement. It doesn't have to happen though. As we have seen throughout the Bible, If a country would return to God and repent it can be saved. It is not too late for God to Bless America, but first America must turn to God. If that does not happen, America will fall. As history shows us not a single nation can be a power forever.