Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Conservative Platform

As a conservative we cannot endorse abortion, however, the Supreme Court has ruled on the issue, and unless some miracle happens the Congress cannot ban abortion, so, what should the conservative platform be? One should look to Europe. Many countries ban abortion no later than 20 weeks, and some go as early as 12 weeks. That should be the platform of Conservatives. Why? Because at this point and time conservatives are always on the defensive. In this way, Conservatives can now go on the offensive. The left has often times looked at Europe as a way of doing things. This way Conservatives can push back

Homosexual Marriage
Many Conservatives believe in traditional marriage. However, If it was broken down, they also believe all people deserve to be treated equally in the eyes of the government. We always have! We believe in equal tax laws, many on the conservative side even believe in a flat tax. With that said, A government should not tax more of an inheritance because you are not legally related, nor should they keep people from visiting loved ones from the hospital because of sexual orientation. The conservative movement should focus on removing marriage from the government. The alternative is to apply for a Government Union. Ministers cannot endorse these unions, leaving government officials (court house) to be the ones to sign off on these Unions. This then separates Church marriages and Government Unions. 

Illegal immigration and Border control
There is no way America can deport 11 million people. Will not happen. However when people think of the word Amnesty they think of a free pass. That should not be the case. Truth be told, there should be a path to citizenship, but that also involves not being able to get social security, and tax credits right away. There has to be some kind of penalty for coming in illegally when there were so many people to go through the system legally that are still waiting. In order to get this right, the one area that one must look at, securing the border. Which also would mean a temporary halt on immigration. One must close the borders, reinforce the border, and work on a way where the immigration laws can be fixed. Step one, Close the border, stop immigration. Step two, reinforce the border, maybe even include a neutral zone. Step three find a way to legalize those already here. Step four fix immigration laws on the book, streamline the process. Step five reopen the country for immigration.

Gun Control 
The second amendment gives the right to bear arms. While we have rights, we can lose them. Thus you need to reinforce the laws on the books.Conservatives should also sign on to if you are on a no-fly list that should equate to a no gun list. Now conservatives can add a way to appeal being on a no-fly list, but if there is evidence you should be on that list then there is a reason to withhold the right to purchase a firearm. They should also sign on to a universal background check. The same standard should apply to all 50 states. 

Religious Freedom
Most conservatives believe in the freedom OF religion, not the freedom from.  We understand the federal government should not establish a federal religion, but the observance of is not the same as establishing. If this country ever gets a Muslim president, and he chooses to cite the Koran, he has that right. We may not agree with it, but it is his right. One cannot ban religious observances from happening because that too would be an establishment of secularism which is a faith background. The issue is that we have become so divided on many issues we have decided things must go our way. We cannot have that. 

Foreign Policy
We cannot shut ourselves off from the world, but one cannot give up its sovereignty. The United States is always willing to come to the table for a compromise on issues, as long as the other party is a willing participant. We will not give aid to those who only want the handout. We will also not intervene in issues unless warranted. 

Climate Change
I don't believe in man-made climate change. I just do not see the actual science behind it. However, as conservatives, we should promote being good stewards of the earth. That means if there are better ways to use energy, we should find it. If there are ways to get off our dependence on fossil fuels, we should use it. Green energy is not bad. Wind energy is useful, and cleaner let's continue to develop wind farms. 

Common core is not the answer. But neither is putting all your eggs in one basket like Oklahoma has done. They got most of their spending on education through the oil industry. When that collapsed so did education. There needs to be a better way to support education. Also, No Child Left Behind seemed to hurt more than help. Ways to fix the issue, Education needs to be a budget priority. You cannot tie education spending to a certain industry, it is not fair to the school system. Also, Cut the levels of standardized tests. When I was a Para-educator it seemed there were many tests and less time for teachers to be teachers. Let us put the education back into the hands of the teachers, and find ways to support them. 

The current debt is at 19.5 trillion dollars. To think we are going to cut spending and fix the problem is a joke. We will need to cut spending, but it may be necessary to raise taxes. So how do we cut spending? Conservatives believe in a balanced budget, which cannot happen without sacrifice on both ends. We may need a tax increase in the short term, but where waste can be cut, it needs to happen. Where do we cut spending? Often times it is fought through politics. There needs to be a study that shows actual waste, and area's that can be improved. That way programs are not cut that actually do provide benefit to the country

In the Declaration of Independence, it says we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is my belief that that happiness is for the community, not the individual. If we all pursued our own desires, someone would ultimately ruin that for us. But as a community we deserve happiness, and that is only accomplished by working together.

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